Get to the Root of Your Tree Problem

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Are you tired of looking at that ugly tree stump in the middle of your lawn? Abita Tree Service in Metairie, LA offers the experienced and safe stump removal you need. Our professionals have the proper equipment to grind your stump down to the roots, leaving no traces of a tree or stump behind.

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Does tree removal have you stumped?

Does tree removal have you stumped?

Abita Tree Service will completely remove all remnants of your unwanted tree stump. Our efficient 3-step process covers:

  • Preparation - We'll assess the surrounding area to make sure the stump can be removed safely.
  • Removal - We use a professional-grade stump grinder to shred the stump below the surface level.
  • Filling - We'll smooth out your landscape and apply lawn seed to promote grass growth.

Without that unsightly tree stump, you can mow more easily and enjoy your yard a little more. Call to learn more about our stump removal services today.