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Whether you’re dealing with low-hanging tree limbs that pose a threat to your house or want to remove a few trees from your yard to open it up to more sunlight, Abita Tree Services is here to help residents of Kenner, Louisiana, with all of their arboreal needs. Our technicians all have the training and certifications they need to be tree experts, so you can trust us to provide safe, efficient tree removal in Kenner.¬†

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Tree Services We Offer to Kenner

There are several types of tree services. To make sure residents of Kenner have easy access to all of the arboreal services they need, we offer a variety of them. Choose from any of the types of services listed below:

  • Storm cleanup: If a hurricane passes through Kenner, you probably expect your yard to be a mess. You may not know that even a mild storm can wreak havoc on your yard and cause trees to fall or limbs to break. Cleaning up is sometimes a daunting task, but we are here to help. Let us complete the task of cleaning up your yard after a storm so you can focus on other things.
  • Tree removal: Sometimes, a healthy tree is in a dangerous position. If it is too close to your house, a storm could cause it to come down on your home. A diseased tree is even more dangerous because it could fall at any time. Our experts know how to distinguish healthy trees from diseased ones. We also know how quickly diseased trees can infect others that are nearby via their roots, so we make sure to remove the entire tree, including its root system, when it isn’t healthy.
  • Tree stump removal: Any time you cut down trees in your yard, you’re left with stumps. These stumps will vary in size depending on how big the trees were, but they could have a negative impact on the appearance of your yard or even make it hard to cut the grass. Grinding down these stumps is the best way to get rid of them, and we have the tools and expertise necessary to do it the right way.
  • Tree trimming: Low-hanging tree branches aren’t always dangerous, but they can pose a hazard to your house if they hang over the roof. If the offending tree is healthy and you aren’t concerned about it growing too close to your house, we’ll simply trim the low branch and prune the tree instead of cutting it down. You may need to have this service repeated after a few years, but it is a great way to preserve trees in your yard without risking potential damage to your house.

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Reasons to Choose Abita Tree Services for Tree Removal

Not only do we offer a wide variety of arboreal services to Louisiana, but we also bring the expertise required to do each job correctly. Tree removal is a science, and if the job isn’t done the right way with the proper tools, you could risk damage to your property or even put lives at stake.

Since each of our tree removal technicians engages in continual learning to ensure safety out in the field, you can be confident that each job we do will be completed by experts. We only use state-of-the-art tools to ensure that each job is completed properly, and we have multiple certifications to ensure we can handle any type of tree job. Our list of certifications includes Tree Climbing Specialist, Electrical Hazards Awareness, Certified Tree Care Awareness, Chainsaw Specialist, and Aerial Lift Specialist.

When it comes to tree removal, every job is unique. We understand that no two jobs can be completed exactly the same way, so we offer an individualized approach when we perform our services. At your initial consultation, you can expect us to analyze the job so that we have a complete understanding of what all we need to do to complete it thoroughly. During this evaluation, we’ll note which service needs to be provided and help you identify any other potential problems.

Once we understand what needs to be done, we can develop a plan of action. This helps us identify which tools we need so we can bring everything with us to speed up the tree removal process. After providing the service, we’ll make sure we clean up our tools and any debris we left behind so we leave your yard neater than we found it. Our final task will be showing you the final result and making sure you are happy with it. If we missed anything, we’ll resolve the issue quickly. We’ll never leave a job site until you are completely satisfied.

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Having too many trees in your yard or allowing them to grow too close to your house can pose a hazard. Removing the trees yourself is risky, so your best bet is to contact a professional for tree trimming in Kenner. Abita Tree Services can help with everything from storm cleanup to tree stump removal in Kenner, so if you need the help of an arboreal expert for any reason, let us provide you with the service you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.