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New Orleans is a city in Louisiana known for its vibrant nightlife and live music, but the bustling metropolis is also home to some of the world’s oldest and largest oak trees. These trees make spectacular accents for any yard, but if they aren’t cared for properly, they could pose a hazard for your home if they fall during a storm. Abita Tree Services specializes in tree trimming services in New Orleans to keep the timber in your yard healthy and make it less hazardous to your home. In the event of a powerful storm or hurricane sweeping through your community, we also help with storm cleanup and remove fallen trees and branches to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your yard.

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Our Tree Services

We understand that there are many reasons you may need tree removal or trimming services. To accommodate these various needs, we offer several services to ensure we can manage any arboreal situation. Trust our licensed specialists to perform any of the following services.

  • Tree trimming: Sometimes, healthy tree branches grow into your house. Low-hanging branches could scratch windows or damage the siding of your home, and even high branches pose a threat to your roof if they fall. It’s best to keep tree limbs away from your house, and our tree trimming services take care of that need by removing offending branches without harming the tree.
  • Tree removal: Dead trees are dangerous because they could fall at any time. You should also take care to remove any diseased trees on your property because they can infect healthy trees if left untreated. At Abita Tree Service, our experts have the skills and knowledge required to remove diseased and dead trees quickly and efficiently. When the tree is diseased, we’ll make sure to get rid of the root system so there is no chance of other trees becoming affected.
  • Tree stump removal: Not only do tree stumps look unsightly in the middle of your yard, but they can also pose a safety hazard for people who aren’t paying attention to where they walk on your property. Tree stump removal in New Orleans is more complicated than just digging up the stump, so it’s best to call in the professionals when you need to get rid of unsightly stumps.
  • Storm cleanup: When a storm tears through your community and wreaks havoc on your yard, you may not be equipped to handle the cleanup when fallen limbs and trees litter your property. We have the equipment needed to make sure your yard is restored to its original condition quickly.

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Why Choose Abita Tree Services

Whether you need tree trimming services or tree removal, it’s an extensive project that you don’t want to trust to just anybody. You want a team with the right equipment for the job and the knowledge to handle any arboreal project. That’s why you should choose to work with Abita Tree Service.

Safety is our top priority, so we make sure all of our specialists engage in continuous learning and hold updated licenses for various jobs. As a licensed and insured company, we make sure our technicians hold the proper safety credentials to complete every job the right way. Our credentials include:

  • Tree risk assessors
  • First aid & CPR
  • Chainsaw specialist
  • Tree climbing specialist
  • Tree care safety professional

Because we hold so many certifications, you can be confident that we know what we’re doing in any arboreal situation. We are also committed to performing every job to the best of our ability so that our customers are always satisfied. Every job is unique, so we use a customized approach when assessing each situation to ensure we resolve the issue completely.

The first step for any tree-related service is to visit the property to assess the situation. We’ll note which type of service you want and determine which types of equipment we need to perform it. This information enables us to create a customized plan of action, so we have the exact tools we need on the day of the project. While performing your desired service, we’ll use exceptional caution to ensure the safety of our technicians and your property, and once we finish the task, we’ll reassess to make sure it was done the right way. Once you are satisfied with the results, we’ll clean up all of our tools and equipment to leave your property cleaner than we found it. If you aren’t happy with the results for any reason, we’ll continue to work on the situation until you are satisfied.

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If you live in the New Orleans area and are concerned about trees in your yard that are too close to your house or have branches that hang low over your roof, it may be time to call in the experts for tree removal in New Orleans. The team of tree specialists at Abita Tree Service is ready to help you with all of your arboreal needs, from removing diseased and dead trees from your property to trimming back low-hanging branches. If you need tree removal for any reason, give us a call today to schedule an appointment for our specialists to come out and assess the situation.