Hurricanes are a part of life in coastal Louisiana, with the annual season lasting from June 1 through November 30 and the most activity in August and September. Since most of the year involves some level of hurricane risk, homeowners in the Metairie, Kenner, and New Orleans areas understand the importance of staying prepared for the next storm that’s brewing. Abita Tree Services can help you with your hurricane and storm preparations and the cleanup afterward. We also offer a variety of other services to keep your trees and shrubs healthy in every season.

Dangers Trees Pose in Hurricanes and Storms

You probably picture big trees laid across houses and cars when you think of property damage after a storm. Maybe you imagine flooded homes and washed-out roads. However, trees pose other significant dangers in times of high wind and water.

  • Falling trees often destroy outdoor structures such as fences, sheds, and workshops.
  • Giant trees usually take down power lines and cause outages that could last for days.
  • Branches flying around in a storm can strike moving vehicles, causing wrecks and injuries.
  • Trees block driveways and roads, preventing emergency services from responding quickly.

Abita Tree Services can help you get your property ready for the storms and manage the cleanup after the wind and rain move on.

Hurricane & Storm Preparation

Preparing for a hurricane or significant storm starts long before the weather warnings. Homeowners must stay ready year-round. Keeping trees and their branches trimmed neatly makes them less likely to cause power outages and significant damage in a storm. The team of knowledgeable professionals at Abita Tree Services can perform a thorough evaluation of your property and make recommendations for hurricane and storm preparations. You may be able to mitigate your risk of property damage and injuries by removing or pruning trees and shrubs in strategic areas around your home or business.

Here are some other methods we offer to help you keep your property ready for the next hurricane.

  • Tree cabling is a beneficial method of preparing for a storm. The process involves using cables and rods to keep your trees upright. Tree cabling helps even frail trees stay strong in the storms, so they are less likely to fall and injure someone or damage property.
  • Careful landscape planning is one of the most effective ways to prevent storm damage. Abita Tree Services can help you choose the best species of trees for your property and decide where to put them. In the New Orleans area, you want plants that can withstand high winds and heavy rains, ideally those with straight roots, strong trunks, and plenty of space between the branches. You want to place them away from buildings and power lines. Planting trees in groups is also beneficial since the individual structures provide each other protection from the winds.
  • Effective pruning is a critical part of your tree management plan. You can set young trees on a path to a sturdy frame with healthy branches correctly spaced apart through pruning. The professional team at Abita Tree Services knows how to remove dead branches that pose a hazard to people and structures. They can also trim branches that are too long, cracked, or damaged, thin canopies, and address branches that are too close to your roof.

Hurricane & Storm Cleanup

After a hurricane or major storm, Louisiana homeowners can face significant cleanup time and expenses. Repairing and restoring your property can feel overwhelming. Abita Tree Services can help by removing fallen trees, limbs, and debris to keep these materials from deteriorating on your property and becoming hazards in a storm. We can also help with stump grinding and removal if you lose large trees in the storm.

Putting your home and life back together after a hurricane is challenging, but storm tree clean-up can also be dangerous. Cleaning up tree damage is a task best left to the professionals who have the right experience, training, and tools to do the job safely. Hurricane tree clean-up may require climbing to dangerous heights, using dangerous tools such as chainsaws, and avoiding electrical hazards.

Let Abita Tree Services help take care of your lawns and grounds so you can get back to your day-to-day routine.

  • We can handle any size job, including those requiring crane-assisted tree removal.
  • Tree restoration is sometimes possible for some species if the canopy still has sufficient branches and the damage isn’t too extensive. Abita Tree Services professionals can help you evaluate your trees to see if they are a candidate for restoration.
  • When all the damage and debris gets cleaned up, Abita Tree Services can help you choose the type and location of new trees to plant.
  • If the damage is too extensive and the land or lot needs clearing, we can help with that too.

Learn More About Abita Tree Services

Whether you need downed trees removed or living trees trimmed, Abita Tree Services is here to help. We have the specialized equipment and trained staff required for this work. All of our team members are knowledgeable in multiple areas of tree management, including risk assessment, hazard mitigation, and the use of chainsaws, chippers, and other tools. Contact us today to get started preparing your property before the next storm comes along.


Image Source: WoodysPhotos / Shutterstock